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A New Journey Therapy

Relief  Stress and Anxiety
reach a'10' in all aspects of your life

        Rapid Transformational Therapy is a powerful hybrid method that gets to the root cause of why we may feel stuck, in one session(max 3 for complex issues) It is a method that combines the most effective techniques from NLP, CBT, hypnotherapy and with ability to transform lives powerful and permanently. During the session we discover the negative meaning of your self believes from previous life events and change the meaning to ones which are positive and empowering. A personalized recording is created to rewire the subconscious mind for fast effective and long term change. Your job is to listen 21 days the recording for the best expected outcome.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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About me



Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner

Certified Hypnotherapist

Registered Nurse

….let's re-write your story. I'm a Rapid Transformational Therapist Practitioner and a Certified Hypnotherapist waiting for you to start a new journey together. All my background as a Registered Nurse working in various roles in the medical field, including oncology, cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, and psychiatry, for 25 years, has led me to this moment where I decided to become an RTT Practitioner specializing in Anxiety and Stress Disorder. I saw many patients coming for their appointments and leaving discouraged because we couldn’t find a medical source for their symptoms. Not long ago, I experienced the power of RTT on myself during one very stressful time in my life. Diagnosed with psoriasis, all diet and cream therapies failed to help me. The only thing that helped was finding the sources of stress, changing my beliefs and negative thinking about myself, and living a life free of judgment. This was enough to make me a passionate advocate of RTT. I was determined to take a step forward and make the shift from nurse to therapist because I could see how I would help you to get fast, effective, and permanent relief from stress, anxiety, procrastination, self-sabotaging, addiction, and many other issues even if you’ve tried everything else and failed.
You often find yourself stuck in negative thought patterns and behaviors affecting your relationships, work, and health. You may not even be aware of the root cause of these problems, but together, we can change that. I was trained by the world-renewed therapist Marisa Peer at the School of Rapid Transformational Therapy, which won numerous awards for its effectiveness.  I never stop learning, and I never will. I learn something new every day, whether it's a new skill, a new piece of information, or a new way of looking at things. Learning is essential to my growth as a person and as a professional. It helps me to keep up with the latest trends, to improve my existing skills, and to develop new ones. 

I will help you to explore your subconscious mind and find the source of your issues. We will work together to create positive moments of clarity and confidence that will empower you to make the changes you want to see in your life. With my skills, knowledge, and experience, I can help you to create the life you have always dreamed of.

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